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The need for a changing role of the CMO

When is a CMO not a CMO? If CMOs want to succeed, it is time for them to dissociate themselves from the ‘CMO’ label, and change their mindsets to succeed in their region and to grab market share.

New pharma airfreight hub near Frankfurt airport for sensitive biologics

Pharmaserv Logistics´ pharma distribution centre for storing, x-raying and packing pharmaceutical airfreight within Rhine-Main has opened in 06/2020.

PharmaLedger & LogiPharma Collaboration

PharmaLedger is a three-year project (2020-2022) that aims to bring an innovative blockchain-based platform to implement across the healthcare ecosystem to better instill trust, transparency, data privacy, and patient empowerment.

How Johnson & Johnson Uses Cold Chain Technologies In COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

After receiving authorisation from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use of its single-shot vaccine against COVID-19, Johnson & Johnson is now facing up to the logistical challenges of making good on its promise to deliver 100 million doses of the drug to patients in the US during the first half of 2021.

Why Temperature Control And Cold Chain Monitoring Are Critical To Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Efforts

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine has been authorised for the prevention of the virus in individuals aged 16 and above, by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), under an Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA). More broadly, there remains a huge demand for the Pfizer treatment and other COVID-19 drugs in poorer and more remote parts of the world, where temperature control becomes difficult.

Temperature Control And Other Issues Facing Pharmaceutical Supply Chains In 2021

During the first quarter of 2021, WBR Insights surveyed 100 Directors of Supply Chain Management and similar positions from pharmaceutical companies across Europe, to discover what challenges they are facing in 2021 due to the impact of COVID-19, and the innovative solutions they are putting in place. Chief among the issues highlighted by the respondents were a reduction in sales, stock shortages, and a loss of visibility over parts of their supply chain.

SkyCell launches new 1500F container to meet need for -20°C pharma product transportation

New container with -15°C to -25°C operating range addresses market niche and provides customers with consistency, efficiency, and ease of use.

SkyCell, the leading manufacturer of data-driven temperature-controlled hybrid containers for the pharmaceutical industry, has developed the new 1500F container, the eighth container in its robust product suite covering all temperature ranges for the high value pharmaceutical product transportation. The 1500F, which works across temperatures from minus 15° Celsius to minus 25° Celsius, offers a specialised solution for this growing niche market segment.

SkyCell transforms vaccine supply chain with launch of ultra-cold smart container

Technology company develops safe and efficient container, enabling 10x volume of current deep frozen solutions

SkyCell, the leading manufacturer of data-driven temperature-controlled smart containers for the pharmaceutical industry, has developed an ultra-cold smart container that will ensure the safe transportation of COVID-19 vaccines around the world, regardless of outside temperatures.

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution and the Supply Chain Revolution

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the world in a little under a year; the global supply chain was one of the first sectors to feel the pinch.

Local and regional shutdowns, trained employees who were out sick, and product shortages/outages all played a part in revealing how fragile the supply chain truly is.

60 seconds with… Mirko Senatore, Pfizer

We had the pleasure of chatting to Mirko Senatore, Senior Director Global Supply Chain Lead at Pfizer, about how his role has changed in the last 12 months, adapting to new ways of working under increased demand while still meeting patient and customer needs, and what he’s looking forward to at LogiPharma 2021.

60 seconds with… Berit Lindholm, Bluefish Pharma

We caught up with Berit Lindholm, CEO at Bluefish Pharma, to discuss how her day to day work has been impacted by the pandemic, how remote teamworking has had to evolve, and how she’s looking forward to evaluating whether Brexit learnings stand us in good stead to handle other global events.

60 seconds with… Christophe Suizdak, Cytiva


Ahead of LogiPharma 2021, we spoke to Christophe Suizdak, VP Supply Chain, Cytiva, to discuss how his role has changed in the wake of COVID-19, developments in drug development and more.

60 seconds with… Dave Malenfant, TCU Neeley School of Business


We sat down with Dave Malenfant, Director Centre for Supply Chain Innovation, TCU Neeley School of Business to discuss his involvement in LogiPharma this year, alongside how the pharma industry has been impacted by COVID-19, and the importance of innovative solutions to keep up with demand.

How GlaxoSmithKline Is Partnering To Develop And Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines

As part of its response to COVID 19, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is collaborating with several partners in accelerating the development of promising vaccines, by providing access to its patented adjuvant technology. An adjuvant is a substance which, when added to some vaccines, enhances the immune response, promoting stronger and longer lasting immunity against infection.

Pfizer’s Efforts At COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturing And Distribution

In its efforts at manufacturing and distributing the COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer draws upon one of the most sophisticated supply chain systems in the industry, spanning over 40 sites and a worldwide network of over 200 suppliers.

How Roche Is Using Digital Solutions To Transform Healthcare Delivery

With the cost of global healthcare provision expected to reach US $10 trillion by 2022, organisations are under pressure to increase productivity and improve efficiency, while adapting to new regulations and data privacy laws.

AbbVie’s Investments In Cloud And High Performance Computing Are Increasing Efficiency And Breaking Down Barriers

AbbVie is a research-based, global biopharmaceutical company which discovers and delivers medicines and treatments across a range of disciplines including neuroscience, eye care, women’s health, and immunology.

Redesigning Your Supply Chain For Competitive Advantage In Line With New Demands And Disruption

By: Des Nnochiri for WBR UK, 10 February 2021

Besides precipitating changes in working practices and a worldwide shift to digital platforms and commerce, COVID-19 is forcing many organisations and sectors -- including the pharmaceutical industry -- to rethink and reconfigure their global supply chain models. At the same time, changing market dynamics are putting pressure on pharmaceutical organisations to respond to consumer demands for patient-centric practices and personalised experiences.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chains Under Quarantine

It’s fair to say that the coronavirus outbreak has caught the world off guard. As governments and industry continue to feel the crisis out and come up with the best solutions to its challenges, many people are left with more questions than answers.

How MSD is Preparing for Brexit

Merck & Co starts ongoing research to stock and centre parts of its medical supply chain locally in London in anticipation of post Brexit setbacks in trade.

How Baxter is Winning Awards for Inclusivity

An equal opportunity leader in supply chain industry, Baxter fosters diversity in the workplace through inclusivity training to remove unconscious bias.

How Leo Pharma is Humanising the Supply Chain

Digitising the supply chain has improved efficiency, but people matter too! Leo Pharma had implemented a solution to bring back system usability.

How AbbVie is Collaborating on an Exciting Blockchain Pilot

Blockchain tech has been gaining traction as a possible solution for the perennial problems associated with healthcare: the under-utilisation and segregation of valuable data, trails for following patient records and other essential information, general data handling, compliance,and data security issues.

How Takeda is Puts Diversity and Inclusion at the Heart of Its Strategy

Diverse and inclusive leadership provides greater opportunities for innovation and higher performance in financial returns. And as a leading business sector which touches the lives of everyone, the pharmaceutical and biotech industry should be seen as a globally dispersed but locally driven industry.

How Pfizer is Using Mobile Technology to Boost Supply Chain Visibility

If pharma brands are unable to establish end-to-end visibility in their supply chains, it becomes very difficult, or even impossible, for them to accurately determine the origin, authenticity, and condition of any product passing through it.

How Eli Lilly is Using Wearables to Deliver Better Treatments

In 2017 Eli Lilly was looking for a way to develop a next-generation glucose monitoring system. The company decided on a device-driven strategy and partnered with Dexcom to help develop it. The goal of the project was to help Eli Lilly get closer to patients and, rather than being a simple provider of insulin medicine.

How Merck is Using Drones for Pharmaceutical Deliveries

Merck’s foray into the world of drone-facilitated delivery began in 2018 when Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria. Estimates vary, but it’s thought the disaster led to the deaths of nearly 3,000 people, and a year later, tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans are still living under temporary shelters of blue tarpaulin.

How Bayer is Putting Patient Centricity at the Heart of their Supply Chains

The future of healthcare is set to be replete with technology, from AI to smart health devices and mobile wellness management. As it opens its brand-new innovation hub in Manhattan, NYC, Johnson & Johnson is ready to bring medicine and technology together in ever-more innovative ways.

AstraZeneca Wants to See Pharma Discounts Passed onto Patients, Not Highly-Paid Middlemen

As rising drug prices continue to steal headlines, UK-based multinational pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has joined forces with a number of other pharma companies in freezing prices in the US for the remainder of 2018.

How Novartis is Preparing Their Supply Chains for Brexit

The UK’s impending withdrawal from the European Union is sending shockwaves through almost every industry, and the pharmaceutical business is no different. This has led to companies such as Novartis taking steps to lessen the impact.

Johnson & Johnson’s New Innovation Hub Is Advancing Health Tech

You might think keeping the patient at the center of consideration would be a no brainer for pharma companies, but in the swirling tumult of regulation, economics, logistics, and management, this noble ideal can sometimes fade into the background.

Here’s How Sanofi is Embracing Industry 4.0 and Blockchain Technology in its Supply Chain

The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0 as it’s known, refers to the fourth major paradigm shift which has occurred in production. The first revolution came with the introduction of water and steam powered machines, the second with electrically powered mass production and assembly lines, and the third saw computers and automation further streamline processes.