60 seconds with… Berit Lindholm, Bluefish Pharma

We caught up with Berit Lindholm, CEO at Bluefish Pharma, to discuss how her day to day work has been impacted by the pandemic, how remote teamworking has had to evolve, and how she’s looking forward to evaluating whether Brexit learnings stand us in good stead to handle other global events.

How has COVID-19 changed your role and the demands on your team?

Of course there is much more focus on staff wellbeing and how you can establish a work/life balance with working from home.

I think, on the one hand, that we lose some creativity and problem solving is more difficult when working remotely, which really requires more of the manager to be ‘bridges’ here and pull people together as a team.

The positive is that everyone gets equal attention and there are no ‘coffee machine’ decisions being made.

I think we’re paying more attention to details during the pandemic, as a lot more unforeseen things have happened which take you by surprise and bring people closer together as a result.

Do you think it's possible that this crisis has indirectly sparked any positive change in the industry?

We have gone more digital, eSignatures are a blessing which save lot of time.

My e-archive is also getting more attention, and the importance of structure has become key, so that we can follow each other’s’ work and find what we need at any time.

Tell us about your involvement with LogiPharma this year

I will try to listen in as much as possible when our colleagues share their learnings, and I am sure there are things we can pick up and learn from to improve our own business.

I am also involved in a session elaborating on what we have learnt from Brexit and if that gave us useful insight on how to handle other unforeseen events like this pandemic.

Looking forward to exploring this a bit more with Supply Chain experts from other companies.

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