How Roche Is Using Digital Solutions To Transform Healthcare Delivery

[Image source: Pixabay]

With the cost of global healthcare provision expected to reach US $10 trillion by 2022, organisations are under pressure to increase productivity and improve efficiency, while adapting to new regulations and data privacy laws.

In its efforts at transforming healthcare delivery through digital solutions, Roche is working in partnerships with medical labs to help health professionals manage and analyse their data for insights that better inform patient care and operational decision-making.

Roche is harnessing the power of data analytics and work flow integration to reveal insights that can revolutionise current health care standards. At each step of the care process, Roche provides personalised consultancy, and is currently involved in more than 100 digital technology and data initiatives.

In collaboration with Plug and Play, the largest health innovation platform in Munich, Germany, Roche has recently joined a health-focused innovation scheme called Startup Creasphere. The programme aims to establish a hub of health innovation in Europe, enabling progressive corporations and start-ups to pilot technology solutions and services, share knowledge, and drive investment.

Reference: “Transforming healthcare delivery through digital solutions” Roche

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