LogiPharma 2021

20 - 22 April, 2021


Andy Evans Success Story

My LogiPharma Story by Andy Evans:

Andy Evans
Head of Macclesfield Site

Andy's Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2010

LogiPharma Highlights: My journey at LogiPharma started in 2010, when I was working with the Head of Global Supply Chain Planning at AstraZeneca. We were working with a company called Camelot at the time and my boss suggested that we collectively presented something at LogiPharma. After that first time, I found the conference very useful and I have been coming back ever since including presenting on other occasions.

I got a tremendous number of insights and contacts on that first event.

I was then very keen to maintain that link to LogiPharma , the network it represents and the expertise that I gained access to.

In 2012, I was then asked to join the Advisory Board and that is really where the next part of my journey began. By joining the advisory board I was able to help the conference producers to shape the agenda, to influence some of the topics and to be more involved with the event.

Naturally what happened after that was that we started to get more people from AstraZeneca to attend LogiPharma. I believed in the event and started to have conversations with a number colleagues around the benefits of attending LogiPharma .

A good example of that is that last year we’ve got 14 attendees just from AstraZeneca to come along from different parts of the business to attend. I had colleagues attending from Distribution, Global Supply Chain, plus some with an IT background and I think that really helped us with some of the work we were doing with our supply chain.

LogiPharma was an opportunity to help AstraZeneca at a time when we were going through several internal changes on how we were dealing with our supply chain. The people I’ve invited to attend have benefitted from the contacts that they developed and the topics discussed.

The event has impacted my career at different levels and it’s definitely extended my network.

I developed some really helpful contacts to help me accelerate my understanding of the supplier chain management. I was also able to develop more of the supplier chain management side rather than the general management side of my role.

LogiPharma is different than other conferences because is pure pharma focused. A broad range of supplier chain issues, distribution, planning, IT and segmentation with focus on our main challenges.

LogiPharma is possibly the best opportunity you will have to develop a network of valuable contacts and a broader network.