LogiPharma 2017

25 - 27 April, 2017

Montreux Music & Convention Centre

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Sponsors & Exhibitors


Accenture Strategy

Website: http://www.accenture.com/strategy

Accenture Strategy brings together our capabilities in business, technology, operations and function strategy to help our clients envision and execute industry-specific strategies that support enterprise wide transformation. Our focus on issues related to digital disruption, competitiveness, global operating models, talent and leadership help drive both efficiencies and growth. For more information, follow @AccentureStrat or visit www.accenture.com/strategy.


Website: http://www.adents.com

Adents is a leading software company providing solutions for unique product identification and traceability to help Marketing Authorization Holders (MAHs) and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) adapt to market changes and comply with regulations on drug traceability.

  • Adents Seriza, a serialization solution for manufacturing sites, selected as preferred solution by Siemens for its customers.
  • Adents Prodigi, a Cloud solution jointly developed with Microsoft and empowered by Azure technologies,allows for secure data exchange and helps leverage the power of serialization data.

Adents operates globally with offices in Europe and in the United States as well as with a global network of solution partners.

For more info, visit www.adents.com.

Aerosafe Global

Website: www.aerosafeglobal.com

Zero Excursions. No Exceptions. AeroSafe Global provides biopharma companies with high quality insulated packaging solutions for the protection of temperature sensitive payloads.  Since the beginning, we set out to revolutionize temperature sensitive shipping with our high performance products,allowing customers to ship larger payloads, with less coolant, in smaller containers, and over a longer period of time.


Website: www.agility.com

Agility brings efficiency to supply chains in some of the globe’s most challenging environments, offering unmatched personal service, a global footprint and customized capabilities in developed and developing economies alike. Agility is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics. It is a publicly traded company with more than $4 billion in revenue and more than 20,000 employees in over 500 offices across 100 countries. Agility's solutions meet the unique requirements of the pharmaceutical industry by providing a range of services, including; storage in multiple temperature zones, cold-chain solutions, reverse logistics, and advanced tracking and tracing technologies which ensure total supply chain visibility and reporting on merchandise flows across all modes of transport. Agility leverages these capabilities around the world to help build access to new markets and new opportunities for its customers.


Website: www.alloga-network.com

Alloga is a leading provider of contract logistics in the healthcare sector, offering a complete range of specialist logistics services across many countries. The network is active in more than 20 countries and is focused on the healthcare sector which makes it a safe, long-term partner for brand owners. The service includes warehousing and distribution, multi-country contract management, secondary packaging and labelling, distribution of promotional material, clinical trial logistics and much more… Alloga is a member of Walgreens, Boots Alliance, the first global pharmacy-led, health and well being enterprise offering a wide range of products and services to its customers. The capabilities Alloga offers an in-depth knowledge of the healthcaremarket and the expertise to handle specialised products. It also advises on the latest market developments and regulatory requirements for any country where Alloga is present, to complement the brand owners marketing strategy. There is reassurance that products arrive safely with the customer, which includes wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies, healthcare professionals and patients. Using local and regional warehouses, local peopleand considerable local market knowledge, Alloga works in partnership with brandowners to build efficient and reliable logistics solutions – whether in just one country or across many. The brand owners are in safe hands and can relax with Alloga. They can concentrate on growing their business and resourcing the things that they are an expert in - R&D, production and marketing of products, whilst Alloga can secure distribution channels and information flow. Brand owners will also have the reassurance that their supply chain activities are outsourced to a specialist that cares just as much about their products as they do. Products are safe and secure with Alloga.

Amber Road

Website: http://www.amberroad.com/

Amber Road
Website: www.AmberRoad.com

Amber Road's mission is to improve the way companies manage their international supply chains and conduct global trade. As a leading provider of cloud based global trade management (GTM) solutions, we automate the global supply chain across sourcing, logistics, cross-border trade, and regulatory compliance activities to dramatically improve operating efficiencies and financial performance.  This includes collaborating with suppliers on development, sourcing and quality assurance; executing import and export compliance checks and generating international shipping documentation; booking international carriers and tracking goods as they move around the world; and minimizing the associated duties through preferential trade agreements and foreign trade zones.  Our solution combines enterprise-class software, trade content sourced from government agencies and transportation providers in 145 countries, and a global supply chain network connecting our customers with their trading partners, including suppliers, testing/auditing firms, freight forwarders, customs brokers and transportation carriers. We deliver our GTM solution using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and leverage a highly flexible technology framework to quickly and efficiently meet our customers' unique requirements around the world.

For more information, please visit www.AmberRoad.com

AmSafe Bridport

Website: www.amsafebridport.com

AmSafe Bridport is a prime distributor for DuPont providing the industry-tested range of DuPont™ Tyvek® Thermal Cover solutions, specifically designed to protect all types of temperature sensitive products, reduce freight volumes & aid quick handling. These covers answer the requirements of the Good Distribution Practice (GDP), ensuring controlled room temperature pharmaceuticals are maintained within specified temperature zones, as defined on the label or as supported by stability data. AmSafe Bridport also has its own range of Thermal Blankets designed to provide enhanced performance giving essential peace of mind that temperature-sensitive cargo will reach destinations safely with total integrity assured.

Dia Romanowicz
Head of Global Sales – Thermal Products
Commercial Cargo
+44 (0) 1308 456666

ARRA Group

Website: www.arra.pl

ARRA GROUP is a specialized GDP certified Pharma Transport & Logistics Company that operates in all European Countries. ARRA offers express temperature controlled shipments from 1 box up to 66 pallets done by one car also in two temperatures. The Company started as a Polish based entity, and has been growing steadily. Currently the business if focused on GDP – Pharma Logistics. ARRA is the first transport company in Poland with GDP certification. The company is also ISO 9001:2015, AEO and SQAS certified. ARRA is able to provide customers with both flexible prices and a quality that is very much driven by high technology – both tracking and security of cargo, while all aspect of transport have been optimized given the investment in technology, staff training and procedures. ARRA is currently in the process of expanding, subject to a 10,000SQM new warehouse so that it can be incorporated into the current GDP transport system. While the company is aiming for over 150 vehicles in 2017, it is the case that the majority of ARRA’s customers come from Europe, especially Belgium, Netherlands, UK and Denmark.


Website: https://www.arvato.com/en/industries/healthcare.html

arvato Healthcare is an international provider of integrated outsourcing services especially for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, as well as for both statutory and private health insurance companies. arvato Healthcare develops, implements and operates integrated sales and supply solutions that are tailored to the needs of its customers, their customers, healthcare professionals and patients. With sound expertise in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, cross-industry expertise and sophisticated information technology, arvato Healthcare helps its customers market their products and optimize target group-specific, cross-media information and communication. Customers benefit from comprehensive support throughout the entire order-to-cash cycle as arvato Healthcare provides efficient and reliable management of all supply chain, customer relationship and financial processes. arvato Healthcare is a subsidiary of arvato AG, an international outsourcing provider of logistics, media and communications services. Main Contact: Andreas Olpeter, Email: andreas.olpeter@bertelsmann.de Phone: +49 5241 80 – 83099


Website: www.avetta.com

Avetta provides a cloud-based supply chain risk management platform. Our global solution is uniquely designed to connect the world’s leading organisations with qualified suppliers, driving sustainable growth. Our SaaS subscription software is used by 50,000 active customers in 100 countries. We build trustworthy bonds through responsive technology and human insight. Our process is collaborative, and our global reach is complemented by our local expertise. Over 300 of the world’s biggest organisations depend on Avetta to align their supply chains to sustainable business practices.

Discover more at avetta.com.


Berlinger & Co. AG – feel safe

Swiss temperature monitoring systems:
trust is good – control decisive. 

Swiss family run (6th generation) manufacturer of temperature monitoring devices, with over 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  Today the name Berlinger stands for openness, quality, fairness and innovative technology which benefits Berlinger’s two main business areas; Reliable and easy to use temperature monitoring systems and internationally standardised doping control systems. 

Berlinger has a wide range of products ranging from temperature indicators, data loggers to wireless devices with automatic upload of data. Berlinger’s temperature monitors can capture data in a passive mode or real time.  SmartView is Berlinger’s cloud based data management system, combining site monitoring and shipment monitoring under 1 platform.


Website: bluecrux.com

Bluecrux is a team of business consultants. Supply Chain & Operations is our DNA.
We believe in sustainable change, from within your organisation and conducted by your staff
Fields where we make the difference:
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Manufacturing & Distribution Optimization
  • Customer Management
  • Workforce Planning
  • Business Transformation
Discover our client cases on: www.bluecrux.com


Website: http://www.camelot-mc.com/

Camelot Management Consultants AG - Your Partner for Value Chain Excellence. Camelot is a leading management consultancy for strategic and organizational services. We focus on integrated Value Chain Consulting and have a track record of successful references reflecting our industry expertise for the life science, chemical and consumer goods industry. With our experienced teams we are specialized on the following topics: Strategy &Business Model Innovation Business Transformation & organization Sourcing & Procurement Supply Chain Management Manufacturing Logistics Customer Service Management Financial Performance Management IT Strategy & Information Management. We support our customers with an end-to-end consulting approach that encompasses everything from strategic process and organizational recommendations for business process design to the implementation of appropriate solutions. We are proud to count a number of renowned, globally active companies among our customers. For more information please visit www.camelot-mc.com Value Chain Excellence. Strategy to Results. Main Contact: Dr. Josef Packowski Tel: +49-(0)621-86298-0 Website:www.camelot-mc.com


Website: http://controlant.com

Controlant is an Icelandic company specializing in temperature monitoring and asset tracking for the pharmaceutical and food industry. Started in 2009 at the University of Iceland, it has continued to grow year on year and won awards for its innovations.

What Controlant has done is take the problems faced by Stationary monitoring and Supply chain monitoring and have created one easy-to-use cloud based solution that will meet the needs of both.
It has done this by creating their own Hardware, Database and Interface on the product side and then using these products to offer a complete customizable package on the service side.  Controlant is currently operating in 10 countries with 150 Customers using its solutions at over 1000 Client locations.

Controlant has already been working with some of the most influential players in the pharmaceutical industry and its development has always been customer led.  Focusing on feedback from clients and prospective clients concerning what they require of temperature monitoring solutions in the coming years.

This year Controlant is rolling out its expansion plans and has been signing agreements with resellers all over the world, this has allowed it to look at ever larger contracts and ensure that Controlant service levels remain at the highest possible levels. 

Coolworld Rentals

Website: https://www.coolworld-rentals.com

Coolworld Rentals : Full Service Rental of Temperature Control

Coolworld is an international business involved in the rental of cooling and heating equipment. Its headquarters is in Waalwijk (NL). Coolworld has branches, logistic depots and service points in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. As such, we are always close to the customer and guarantee 24/7/365 service availability. 

Solutions for the complete Pharma Supply Chain
Coolworld is a flexible partner in situations where capacity shortfalls, expansion programs, test installations, seasonal peaks and disruptions occur. We offer comprehensive modern rental products and special rental solutions like modular ultra low freezers (to -55°C) for long term rental. We have the relevant expertise and certified in-house team of technicians at your disposal with respect to the full pharma supply chain. We are able to respond to any problem with our temporary temperature control solutions, fast and reliable. 

Visit us at: www.coolworld-rentals.com

CSafe Global

Website: www.csafeglobal.com

CSafe Global is the world’s leading expert in cold chain solutions for biopharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations, global military organizations and international disaster relief agencies. The company manufacturers AcuTemp® brand passive packaging and hand-held mobile carriers, the CSafe® brand of active containers, the Kalibox brand of patented design insulated pallet shippers and is the exclusive manufacturer and provider of ThermoCor® vacuum insulation. The active solution product assortment includes the industry leading CSafe RKN, which utilizes heating and compressor-driven cooling technology to eliminate the risks associated with extreme ambient conditions as well as the cost, aggravation and environmental challenges associated with dry ice transportation. The passive packaging assortment includes solutions for 2-8°C, CRT and frozen shipments with temperature hold times up to 240 hours and payload volumes up to 50 liters. CSafe also delivers expanded production capabilities in two European locations and six North American locations that total over 20,000 square meters. Over the last 25 years, the vision of CSafe Global has never altered – to be the most trusted name in cold chain solutions.


Website: http://www.deloitte.com

We help optimise, reinvent, and improve Life Sciences supply chains from development and planning to manufacturing and delivery. Our global team of 7,600 Life Sciences practitioners, including 500 operations specialists, means we can draw the breadth of our network and knowledge base to help our clients solve their most complex supply chain challenges.


Website: www.dhl.com/lifesciences

DHL Life Sciences and Healthcare
Contact: Paolo Rosanna +39 335 466102, paolo.rosanna@dhl.com
Website: www.dhl.com/lifesciences 
DHL Supply Chain Life Sciences and Healthcare community is committed to improving the lives of patients across the globe. We enable global access to healthcare through continuous investments in skills, scale and solutions that adapt to ever-changing needs. 
After decades of experience, our logistics expertise now spans the industry from pharmaceutical and medical devices, to hospital and healthcare services and clinical trials. Our team of more than 7,200 logistics professionals and dedicated pharmaceutical experts are in tune with trending regulations and quality assurance for the safe, effective and reliable administration of products. 
Patients and clinicians can trust their medications, treatments and equipment have been expertly and appropriately handled throughout the supply chain and will arrive at the right time in their intended condition and integrity. By leveraging the full scale of our industry expertise and specialized solutions, we connect our customers with their patients in 42 countries through 150 facilities across the globe. 


Website: www.e2open.com


E2open is powering multi-enterprise supply chains. Founded in 2000, E2open provides the largest and most comprehensive Supply Chain Operating Network, including a broad suite of collaborative supply chain solutions. Leading global enterprises rely on E2open to provide greater end-to-end visibility, more accurate data and insights, and real-time business process orchestration across complex, multi-enterprise trading partner networks. For more information visit www.e2open.com 

Website: www.e2open.com


Website: www.elementum.com

It’s time to upgrade your supply chain. How? With intuitive, real-time apps to streamline procurement, logistics, and manufacturing operations. Powered by the world’s Product Graph™, Elementum provides a full picture of the global product economy for smarter, more proactive supply chains. Get actionable insights and early warning signals to assign, collaborate on, and resolve issues— wherever, whenever. Elementum’s customers span the automotive, healthcare, food & beverage, industrial, consumer, and technology sectors. For more information, visit www.elementum.com


Website: http://www.elpro.com

ELPRO, founded in 1986, is a globally active Swiss provider of solutions for monitoring environmental conditions throughout the supply chain of perishable goods. While the focus is on pharmaceutical, healthcare, biobanking & life-science industry, ELPRO serves a wide range of industries. Whenever temperature, humidity, pressure, or any other environmental condition is key to the quality of products during production, storage or transport: ELPRO cares for efficiency and compliance. Monitoring means to measure, record, and manage data and – based upon stability criteria – assess the data for release or alarm. www.ELPRO.com


Website: http://www.emballiso.com/en/

Since 1990, Emball’iso has been successfully assisting pharmaceutical companies in optimizing the global supply chain with the design and manufacture of high performance temperature controlled packaging systems for the transport of temperature sensitive biopharmaceutical products.
Emball’iso is present across 4 continents with 8 production sites (Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Singapore, United Kingdom, United states with ISO 9001 certification) and 80 collection points. 
Our product range is extensive and can cover all aspects of thermal and capacity requirements: from the single vial to pallets of products and for temperatures ranging from -80C to below +30C. 
Our services include turnkey projects, integrated solutions, monitoring services, reverse logistic and rental program.  
Our teams all over the world are committed to bringing you the most effective solution for your cold chain problematics. 
Discover the connected VYPE on our stand. This high performance box (up to 240 h) is equipped with an integrated datalogger that records inner and outer temperatures and allows you to download the temperatures datas all over the shipping. 
This box is 30% more efficient than others available on the market, easy to use (with only 1 type of briquette), robust and reusable and will therefore help you to reduce your costs. You can also try it on a rental basis!
Emball’iso deliver quality, everywhere, just like you.


Website: http://www.envirotainer.com/

There are pharmaceutical products that change lives. Envirotainer believes the best way to protect them is through a reliable active cold chain, extending beyond technology to people with an active mindset. For over 30 years, the company has been the global market leader in secure cold chain solutions for the pharmaceutical supply chain. The company develops, manufactures and offers leasing of innovative container solutions, including validation, support and service, for pharma products that require a controlled environment. Thanks to a truly global presence with the world’s first active container fleet, the largest network and an extensive industry expertise, Envirotainer is available to meet the customers' need - from any location to any destination. Moreover, Envirotainer actively drives innovation of existing and future active solutions for pharma products that require a controlled environment. The company operates through an open, global network of airlines and forwarders and the headquarters is located outside of Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please visit www.envirotainer.com


Website: www.euroairport.com/en/cargo

EuroAirport is the only binational airport in the world that serves the needs of a tri-national region. The airport is situated directly on the borders of Switzerland and France and 5 km from Germany. Goods from and for Switzerland and the EU zone can thus be imported or exported at our location. Together with our partners of the logistic chain, we offer a variety of services at EuroAirport. Indeed, various goods and products can be handled at the airport through appropriate infrastructure. Main advantages include efficient processes and short distances that allow transit times to remain as brief as possible. In addition to this, all service providers are gathered under one roof. With the new Cargo Terminal opened in 2015, we assure efficient delivery and handling processes for the regional export-oriented companies, especially for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as continuously monitored temperature control between 15 and 25°C inside the warehouse. We are GDP and until Summer 2017 also IATA CEIV Pharma certified.


Exam Packaging

Website: http://www.exampackaging.be

We focus on customer-driven services, quality and flexibility. By offering high-performing and tailor made solutions, EXAM® Packaging ensures and guarantees the quality of its packaging. This allows us to comply with the requirements of temperature controlled transport for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, clinical research organizations and all other areas related to health. With our equipment and the choice of materials, EXAM®™ Packaging is able to meet all requests. We offer reliable, effective and innovative solutions meeting the requirements of the cold chain. Thinking Green is our course of action. EXAM® Packaging’s energy policy focuses on the environment and on efficiency by reducing their energy consumption by using high performance equipment. In the same way, we develop our solutions so that they are semi-reusable. With the use of high performance insulation material and its ability to reduce volumetric weight, it is possible to minimize the transport cost and still have an optimal internal payload space.


Website: www.eyeon.nl

EyeOn is a specialized consultancy firm that improves the bottom-line results of customers by improving their forecasting and planning capabilities. We design and implement in maximum 100 days (tailor-made) solutions that really work, offer interim forecasting and planning staff and run outsourced planning services. To remain innovative EyeOn is continuously involved in various research projects in close cooperation with Tilburg University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Eindhoven University and JADS. In today’s fast-changing world, companies need to react quickly to the dynamics of their industry and markets. Helping them to keep pace with changes at the heart of the processes that drive their business is EyeOn. Armed with a wealth of expertise and experience, EyeOn supports and guides customers through the changes essential to remain at the top of their game and achieve business success. Having the forecast performed by a company that does nothing but producing forecasts for other companies can obtain economies of scale and therefore lower costs. An expert using advanced statistical modeling techniques and using state of the art tooling will create the forecast. A third-party service provider will be challenged to continuously improve performance in terms of accuracy and performance.


Website: http://www.fiege.com/

The FIEGE Group is a leading European logistics company specialised in efficient supply chain solutions. In 1993 FIEGE organized first Pharma transports and since then FIEGE HealthCare Logistics specialised in Pharma-Logisics, Hospital-Logistics and MedTech-Logistics. We provide tailor made supply chain solutions with HealthCare spezialised transportation and warehousing, air- and seafreight services - finding cost savings and generating real added value along your Pharma Supply Chain.
We provide GxP certified services. FIEGE HealthCare operates 15 HealthCare sites in Europe, having capabilities from deep freeze cells, 2°-8°degrees and 15°-25°. Fiege can offer value added services like labelling, repacking for our customers.  Our specialised HealthCare Road Transportation Office runs transportation solutions all over Europe. Providing services from small local solutions up to European concepts.


Website: http://www.finnaircargo.com/en/

Finnair Cargo offers fast transport between Asia, Europe and North America utilizing Finnair's extensive network with frequent connections. Finnair, a pioneer in sustainable flying, is the European launch customer of the next-generation, eco-smart Airbus A350 XWB aircraft. Finnair's A350 fleet serves Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai and Singapore, and within Europe the London route daily. In June 2017 the A350 service will be introduced to Japan as four additional weekly flights operated with A350 are added to Tokyo route. In June opens also a new seasonal route to San Francisco with three weekly frequencies operated with Airbus A330. Finnair's automated cargo terminal, the COOL Nordic Cargo hub, opening in 2017, will feature dedicated 3000 m2 temperature controlled areas for the handling of pharmaceuticals and perishables. The modern terminal enables optimized handling and its warehouse monitoring will ensure that sensitive products stay in ideal conditions as instructed by the shipper.


Website: www.fusionops.com

FusionOps provides the supply chain intelligence cloud that mines the world’s information and makes it actionable to help people make faster, better business decisions. Thousands of users in over 80 countries worldwide rely on FusionOps to optimize their supply chain performance in order to improve operations, bottom-line business results and customer satisfaction. Unlike business intelligence tools, FusionOps is a cloud-based platform that provides leading metrics to drive better decisions with actionable information that is accurate, relevant and timely. With FusionOps, companies can eliminate extensive costs and the resources spent developing their own supply chain applications and improve time to value.

GT Nexus

Website: www.gtnexus.com.

GT Nexus, an Infor company,operates the world’s largest cloud-based business network and execution platform for supply chain management. Over 25,000 businesses across industry verticals, including Pfizer, P&G and Nestlé share GT Nexus as their standard,multi-enterprise collaboration platform. This enables all network participants to operate against a core, real-time and always on set of information across multiple supply chain functions, allowing them to optimize the flow of goods,funds and trade information, from the point of order through final payment. For more information please visit us at www.gtnexus.com.


Website: https://www.honeywell.com/

Honeywell and Intel have formed a partnership to deliver a Connected Freight solution that provides real-time visibility and security over freight cargo shipments.  For freight companies grappling with operational problems – damaged or delayed shipments, goods not reaching the end destination, stolen goods -  the Honeywell Connected Freight solution offers real-time visibility of your freight, down to the package level. 

Traditional offerings track freight status at the pallet level or above, providing data only once the shipment has arrived at its destination when it is too late to correct any damaged items. Built around sensor and Internet of Things technology developed in partnership with Intel, the Honeywell Connected Freight solution provides real-time visibility of cargo status  – tilts, shock, light, temperature, location  -  allowing customers to react and plan immediately, reducing the impact and cost of incidents that occur during shipment.


Website: http://www.inmarkpackaging.com/

Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Atlanta with locations in Europe, Asia and North America, Inmark is a global supplier of life science, temperature control, and clinical trial packaging. Cold chain packaging success has been achieved utilizing world class design testing and in-house laboratory validation which allows Inmark to offer innovative award winning designs in thermal packaging from parcel to pallet sizes with a variety of temperature ranges and durations.  Product temperatures are maintained through advanced insulating materials and unique PCMs.


Website: http://www.kinaxis.com/

Kinaxis® is a leading provider of cloud-based subscription software that enables our customers to improve and accelerate analysis and decision-making across their supply chain operations. The supply chain planning and analytics capabilities of RapidResponse® creates the foundation for managing multiple, interconnected supply chain management processes. By using a single product instead of combining individual disparate software solutions, RapidResponse customers gain visibility across their supply chains, can respond quickly to changing conditions, and ultimately realize significant operating efficiencies.

For Life Sciences companies specifically, RapidResponse provides integrated capabilities to support jurisdictional control, expiry management, FDASIA compliance, attribute based planning, and more.

Klinge Corporation

Website: http://www.klingecorp.com/

Klinge Corporation is a leading manufacturer of Cold Chain Refrigerated and Freezer ISO Container systems. Established in 1984, Klinge has been delivering their special equipment to leading pharmaceutical companies for over 30 years.

• Dual Redundant Refrigerated Container - 2 full capacity    reefer units with automatic switchover (optional genset for  back-up power)

• -60°C/-76°F Deep Storage Freezer – 2 full capacity  freezer units with automatic switchover (optional genset  for back-up power)

• GSM Remote Monitoring – provides Ambient Temperature,  Cargo Temperature, Location, Alarm ON/OFF, Power  ON/Off. Access to information on secure website.

• Dual GSM/SAT Back-Up Transmission

• Data logger/Temperature Recorder – ensures product integrity

Furthermore, ocean transport provides much lower transportation costs compared to air freight. Security is also increased since the container is secured until opened at final destination.

Klinge Corporation has the expertise to understand that the prevention of temperature deviations is essential and offers a variety of solutions to ensure safety of pharmaceuticals.


Website: http://www.kwizda-pharmadistribution.at/en/home/

Kwizda Pharmadistribution is an Austria based logistic service provider for the healthcare industry with deep Pharma competence and market knowledge being a part of the Kwizda group, a major player on the Austrian Pharma market. With our new state-of-the-art distribution centre in Vienna we provide premium pre-wholesale services for the Austrian Market and the surrounding CEE region fulfilling highest compliance standards. Ourlogistics expertise goes beyond the usual with an additional focus on cold-chainlogistics, clinical trial material distribution and providing our clientssolutions that are one step ahead. Telephone: +43 59977 26710 Email: Pharmadistribution@kwizda.at


Website: http://www.leman.com


LEMAN is a transport, logistics and freight forwarding company with offices in the Nordic countries, England and the United States. 

We focus on the highly specific requirements associated with the transport and storage of pharma and healthcare products, and we are dedicated to provide unique logistics solutions to pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry. 

Regardless of the size of the job, our aim is always the same: to compose a solution that best serves the interests of the customer in terms of time, price, and quality. This requires experience, flexibility and creativity. 

LEMAN was founded in 1900 as a partner for the industry within shipping, transport and logistics. The company is still growing and employs approx. 700 employees. We have a total disposal of 72,000 m2 terminal and logistics facilities and global door to door coverage through our worldwide agent network.


Website: www.llamasoftinc.co.uk

LLamasoft supply chain design software helps organisations worldwide design and improve their supply chain operations. LLamasoft solutions enable companies across a wide range of industries to model, optimise and simulate their supply chain network, leading to major improvements in cost, service,
sustainability and risk mitigation.

LLamasoft is a leader in supply chain excellence and innovation, advancing technology focused on continuous improvement of enterprise supply chains for the world’s largest organisations.



Website: www.loftware.com

Pharmaceutical companies must adapt to regulations like the FDA's Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and EU 2016/161, Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) while still ensuring supply chain efficiency. Loftware’s Enterprise Labeling solution tightly integrates labeling with existing business processes, helping companies achieve sustained compliance and dramatically reduce operational costs.  Stop by the Loftware booth #9 to learn more.

Logista Pharma & Logesta

Website: http://www.logistapharma.com/en/Home/Pages/default.aspx


Logista Pharma is the specialised division of Logista which has pioneered breakthrough advances in distribution within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, and the leading firm in Southern Europe. We believe in innovative services that respond to the current challenges facing the sector, aimed at the efficient and direct distribution from the Laboratory to its clients, which are easily adaptable to Laboratory requirements.
We cover all the links in the product supply chain and stand out for offering the widest range of services to all channels.

Logesta is the specialist long-haul transport company of Logista that manages a fleet of more than 1,600 lorries, with a clear foundation in technology, placing it among the leading full load operators in all Europe. We are highly specialised in pharmaceutical transport, relying on a series of measures specific to this industry. We adhere to the Good Distribution Practices (GDP), and we have Control protocol for specific routes (monitoring equipment, GPS tracking, refrigeration equipment, thermograph display, specific software for temperature control in real-time,...).


Website: movianto.com

Movianto is a logistics and distribution service provider specialised in the healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical industry as well as in the medical devices area. Movianto’s international clients benefit from individually designed outsourcing logistics solutions at a local, regional or European level. Movianto ensures that hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and wholesalers are supplied reliably and efficiently. From warehousing,transportation and cold chain logistics to specialist services such as order-to-cash, individual repackaging and re-labelling, as well as the management of clinical trials, samples and promotional material, Movianto has proven itself to be a thoroughly reliable partner throughout the entire supply chain providing consistently high levels of quality. Over 600 clients place their trust in Movianto’s 1,900 teammates,managing 20 warehouses and more than 275,000 pallet places spread over a network of wholly owned subsidiaries in 11 European countries. Movianto is a business unit of Owens & Minor, Inc.


Website: www.oceasoft.com

OCEASOFT develops connected and wireless complete solutions for monitoring and tracking physical parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2 and differential pressure. The company ensures your sensitive products efficiency and traceability during transportation, production or storage. Providing a complete vertical offer from sensors to data integration in back-end information systems, OCEASOFT masters three expertise fields: sensors and calibration, wireless data transmission, and software platform development.
As a token of quality, OCEASOFT metrological laboratory is qualified to calibrate products to NIST or 17025 according to your needs and a large scale of its solutions are compliant with 21CFR part 11.
For more information about OCEASOFT solutions, visit www.oceasoft.com 

Oliver Wight

Website: http://www.oliverwight-eame.com/

Oliver Wight are business improvement specialists and we firmly believe that sustainable business improvement can only be delivered by your own people. But we can help – by transferring our knowledge to your organisation; knowledge that comes from working with some of the world’s best-known companies. Your Oliver Wight partners will use their real-world experience to ensure your people, business processes and technology are fully aligned and integrated right across your organisation, from top to bottom. They will coach, guide and inspire your people to drive change throughout your organisation, allowing you to create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that simply becomes ‘the way you do things around here’. It’s a proven, sustainable approach that will transform your business performance and deliver results straight to the bottom line. 

OM Partners

Website: https://ompartners.com/

OM Partners

OM Partners has a unique Supply Chain Planning solution for the Pharma, Health Care and Life Sciences Industry called OMP Plus. OMP Plus is an end-to-end demand and supply planning platform, ensuring instant collaboration between all participants in the supply chain. It makes integrated Supply Chain Design, Demand Planning, S&OP, Supply Planning and Scheduling a reality while providing the perfect balance between agile response planning and holistic optimization.

The solution offers a number of state-of-the art capabilities to orchestrate your extended supply chain via intuitive what-if management capabilities (including
collaboration with contract manufacturers, suppliers, customers, etc). 
Parallel trade and tender Forecasting, product launch simulations, End-to-End clinical trial Forecasting and Planning, multi-stage campaign Planning, conditional production (“produce-on-risk”), integrated production and QA/QC Scheduling, multi-level batch size Optimization, sterilization rules, shelf life and active ingredient management are just a few of the capabilities present in OMP Plus.

A SAP certified interface flawlessly integrates your planning environment with the ERP system. 
Some of our satisfied customers are UCB, Boehringer Ingelheim, GSK Vaccines, Alexion, Famar, J&J, Halyard Health, Patheon, Coloplast, etc. 
They implemented OMP Plus with major benefits on supply chain performance, end-to-end supply chain visibility, agility, productivity and more.

Website: https://ompartners.com/


Website: http://www.panalpina.com

The Panalpina Group is one of the world's leading providers of supply chain solutions. The company combines its core products of Air Freight, Ocean Freight, and Logistics to deliver globally integrated, tailor-made end-to-end solutions. Drawing on in-depth industry know-how and customized IT systems, Panalpina manages the needs of its customers' supply chains, no matter how demanding they might be. Energy and Project Solutions is a specialized service for the energy and capital projects sector.
Panalpina’s focus on the healthcare industry
Panalpina offers seamless temperature control along the whole supply chain and provides end-to-end visibility and pro-active temperature monitoring & control. This also includes temperature controlled packaging solutions, GDP validated processes with reliable transportation within our Charter Network and Supply Chain Optimization (SCO).

Peli Biothermal

Website: www.pelibiothermal.com

Pharmaceutical companies and other organisations looking to make cost and quality improvements in their cold chains — use Peli BioThermal for single-use and reusable temperature controlled packaging. Our innovative, patented technologies and consultative services ensure product quality, mitigate excursion rates and drive total cost of ownership (TCO) across your entire supply chain. Our global network of cold chain experts provides our customers with consistent packaging and logistics experiences wherever they do business. While our full line of single-use and reusable packaging solutions — from parcel to pallet shippers — are competitively priced, the real economic value we bring to our customers focuses on TCO.

Peli BioThermal  offers the widest range of temperature-controlled, thermally-protected packaging and service solutions to the life sciences industry.  The company’s products ensure that delicate biological materials arrive intact and effective, despite exterior environments.  Peli BioThermal is dedicated to developing innovative products designed to fulfil the complex needs of the global life sciences industry.


Website: http://www.phoenix-all-in-one.eu/

The PHOENIX group is one of the biggest integrated healthcare providers in Europe – and has the vision of being the best one. To provide our partners a unified approach to the European and all 26 local markets, the PHOENIX group has brought the service brand “All-in-One” into life. All-in-One grants a direct access for manufacturers to patients. With its eight focus areas from Partnerships, Healthcare Logistics, Business Intelligence, Patient Services to Supply Chain Optimisation, Sales Support, Clinical Trial Supply Services and Services for Specialty Drugs, All-in-One has an unparalleled service portfolio in Europe. All-in-One is more than just a collection of services, it is a unified approach to patients all over Europe. It covers the entire pharmaceutical value chain. Whatever the needs of our partners are, we have a high quality solution. All-in-One shortens the distance between the manufacturer and the patient. Key contact: Sandra Schomburg, s.schomburg@phoenixgroup.eu, +49 621 8505 8541


Website: www.pwc.com/pharma

The Global Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Industry Group at PwC is dedicated to delivering effective solutions to the complex business challenges facing pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies. A global leader in serving the pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry, PwC has extensive experience working with companies on industry-specific strategic, operational, and financial issues. Our expertise includes assurance, tax and advisory services, as well as specialised capabilities in regulatory compliance, risk management, performance improvement and transaction support. In helping our clients, we draw on the full knowledge and skills of PwC’s professionals. More than 223,400 people in 157 countries connect their thinking, experience and solutions to build public trust and enhance value for clients and their stakeholders.

Schreiner MediPharm

Website: https://www.schreiner-group.com/en/business-units/schreiner-medipharm.html

Schreiner MediPharm is a leader in the development and manufacture of innovative specialty labels with value-added benefits. As a highly capable partner of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, Schreiner MediPharm’s special know-how is based on over 60 years of experience. The company has in-depth knowledge of the market and understands the processes of its customers. Based on this specific competence and expertise, it develops products which are optimally tailored to customer needs. Many of these have set standards in the pharmaceutical industry. Schreiner MediPharm develops and produces customer-specific, intelligent marking solutions with innovative, value-added functions, e.g. labels with integrated hangers, labels with removable documentation parts as well as multi-page labels. Additionally, the product portfolio includes syringe labels with integrated needle protection, anti-tampering and counterfeiting protection solutions as well as smart NFC/RFID labels. These products simplify dispensing and administering of pharmaceuticals, enhance drug safety and clearly reduce process costs. Phone +49 89 31584-5400 Fax +49 89 31584-5422 Email: info@schreiner-medipharm.com


Website: http://www.sensitech.com/

Sensitech® Inc. is a leading provider of supply and cold chain visibility solutions that enable our customers – global leaders in the food, life sciences, and industrial markets – to track, monitor and protect the quality and integrity of their temperature-sensitive products across complex supply chains. Through its logistics security division,Freight Watch International, Sensitech also offers origin-to-destination services that provide customers with real-time cargo transparency, helping them to mitigate such risks as theft, diversion, counterfeiting, and chain of custody. Sensitech Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 company based in Beverly, Mass.,with more than 30 sales, service and distribution locations around the world. Sensitech is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp., a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide.


Website: http://skycell.ch/

SkyCell has become an award-winning provider of temperature-controlled container solutions because of
reliability and total cost.

SkyCell serves more than 10 leading pharma companies with a special focus on emerging markets with the goal of supplying the safest container on the market.

Containers are rented from service centers or are delivered to point of loading and include the reverse logistics of the units – all ease-of-use.

SkyCell containers travel door-to-door eliminating reloading at airports which eliminates temperature excursions all together based on special processes in each country. 

SkyCell’s proprietary technology sets the benchmark in shipping performance – reliable even during extremely long (longest to date 31 days) or extremely hot (+65°C) or cold (-30°C) shipping scenarios.

For an efficient and easy qualification SkyCell offers online tools – such as SkyCell Transport Planner, to simulate a transportation scenario based on risk-based planning and decision making.

Let us help you increase the reliability in your global pharma supply chain and reduce the total cost of ownership.

SkyTeam Cargo

Website: www.skyteam.com

SkyTeam Cargo is the world’s leading global airline cargo alliance, aligning Aeroflot Cargo, Aerolineas Argentinas Cargo,  Aeromexico Cargo, Air France Cargo, Alitalia Cargo, China Airlines, China Cargo Airlines, China Southern Cargo, Czech Airlines Cargo, Delta Cargo, KLM Cargo,  and Korean Air Cargo. Through one of the world's most extensive hub networks, SkyTeam Cargo offers its customers a worldwide system of over 850 destinations in more than 150 countries, while still providing a consistent standard of performance, quality and detailed attention to service.
SkyTeam Cargo partners adopt four common product branding - Equation, Variation, Cohesion, and Dimension.


Website: www.sofrigam.com

For nearly 40 years, Sofrigam has designed and qualified high quality cold chain shipping solutions for securing cold chain logistics in the global healthcare industry. The Sofrigam insulated shipping solutions enable transportation of temperature sensitive products under all conditions (aircraft hold, non-refrigerated vehicle, long journey ,etc.) without any break in the cold chain.
Sofrigam provides a wide range of high value added temperature-controlled packaging that meets the most demanding requirements of the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Sofrigam offers cost-efficient packaging solutions to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your global cold chain logistics by maximizing the volume of shipped products, minimizing the weight of packaging to reduce transportation costs, and minimizing the preparation time.



Website: http://www.swisslog.com/en


Website: www.systechone.com

Systech is the global technology leader in product safety, and consumer and brand protection. Systech pioneered serialization and is defining the future of authentication. 
The world’s largest pharmaceutical companies trust their brands to Systech’s technology solutions. Systech unifies and optimizes enterprise serialization, track and trace, and authentication technologies to ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate risk, and drive efficiency and profitability.
For 30 years, Systech’s innovation has led best practices for key brands across the pharmaceutical, life science, food and beverage, and consumer packaged goods industries.

Thermo King

Website: www.thermoking.com

Thermo King, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, was founded in 1938 and manufactures transport temperature control systems for a variety of mobile applications, including trailers, truck bodies, buses, shipboard containers and railway cars. The Ingersoll Rand family of brands—including Club Car®, Ingersoll Rand®, Thermo King® and Trane® is a $13 billion global business committed to a world of sustainable progress and enduring results.

Transporting pharmaceutical products for patient health and protection, precise temperature management and air distribution are vital at every stage of the supply chain. Thermo King PharmaSolutions offers a wide range of Good Distribution Practice (GDP) validated equipment and services to maintain the quality and integrity of medicinal products throughout the cold chain. Easy access to service history, advanced monitoring, 24/7 assistance and training are also available.

For more information, visit www.ingersollrand.com or www.thermoking.com.

Website: http://www.tracelink.com

TraceLink is the world’s largest track and trace network for connecting the Life Sciences supply chain and eliminating counterfeit prescription drugs from the global marketplace. Leading businesses, including 16 of the top-20 global pharmaceutical companies, trust the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud to deliver complete global connectivity, visibility and traceability of pharmaceuticals from ingredient to patient. A single point and click connection to the Life Sciences Cloud delivers the information, insight and collaboration needed to improve performance and reduce risk across global supply and distribution operations. Winner of awards including the Amazon AWS Global Start-Up Challenge Grand Prize and the Edison Award for Innovation in Health Management, TraceLink helps businesses across the globe meet strategic goals in ensuring global compliance, fighting drug counterfeiting, improving supply performance, protecting product quality and reducing operational cost. For more information on TraceLink and our solutions, visit www.tracelink.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Website: http://www.tss.se/

TSS is a leading provider of temperature monitoring solutions with more than 20 years of experience within the life science industry. Thanks to close customer interaction and an outstanding technological know-how, TSS is able to continuously introduce pioneering solutions for end-to-end supply chain visibility, facilitating the daily operations for global pharma companies around the world. By focusing on information, TSS enables decision makers all over the world to gain insight into the modern supply chain in order to develop an all-encompassing corporate strategy for fast and intelligent temperature monitoring. This in turn results in greater efficiency and reduced costs, while allowing for compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. TSS' cloud based temperature monitoring solution, CCIS, is a lean and integrated solution that provides flexibility, simplicity, reliability, and above all, full visibility,throughout the whole organization.

Turkish Cargo

Website: http://www.turkishcargo.com.tr

Turkish Cargo, as the cargo subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, offers worldwide cargo services with an extensive network consisting more than 290 destinations including 64 freighter destinations in 117 countries.

In addition, Turkish Cargo also provides interline connections all over the world and road feeder services with more than 2,000 destinations.

By using both belly and freighter capacity together with our wide networking, Turkish Cargo enables its esteemed customers to get closer with their business partners in many new or emerging commercial centers and reach more points within the world. While opening your business to the world, Turkish Cargo meets your customized needs with utmost high quality in every step. For more details, please visit us at our official website - www.turkishcargo.com.tr


Website: www.ups.com/healthcarelogistics.

UPS Healthcare – At UPS we offer solutions that address the logistical challenges and complex regulations unique to the healthcare industry. We have more than 600,000m² of dedicated healthcare distribution space around the world, highly trained healthcare logistics personnel, and dedicated services to protect your products during transit. These services include UPS Temperature True®, a freight service with flexible options for air and ocean cargo, UPS Proactive Response® Secure, which provides unique recovery options and a financial safeguard for parcels, as well as UPS Temperature True® Packaging, which helps customers find the right packaging solutions for their unique product requirements.      

UPS is the partner with the global network and logistical expertise to help you better respond to patient needs and take advantage of market opportunities around the world. Put the power of logistics to work for you. Explore our healthcare capabilities at www.ups.com/healthcarelogistics.


Website: http://www.va-q-tec.com

Do you require the right thermal packaging solution for transporting your temperature-sensitive products? We have been supplying our thermal packaging to pharmaceutical, biotech and logistics companies worldwide for over 10 years. Our top priority is to effectively protect our customers' products while minimising costs in the supply chain.

va-Q-tec is a dynamic, medium-sized high-tech company and has been pioneering the development of innovative solutions in the insulation industry since 2001. va-Q-tec offers products such as high-performance thermal packaging and airfreight containers. Located in Germany, UK, USA, Latin America and Korea we serve international customers.

As a pioneer in the field, va-Q-tec has already won numerous national and international awards for space-saving, energy-saving and top-performing technologies.

Verify Brand

Website: www.verifybrand.com

Simpler to implement, easier to use.

Now, pharma can reap the benefits of a superior serialization platform with the most intuitive user interface, unparalleled reporting, and flexible integration and configuration options that lets you seamlessly connect and communicate with partners and enterprise systems.

Since 2004, we've been helping the world's top brands globally track billions of events that affect millions of products in 120 countries and 18 Languages. Proven across multiple verticals, the mature, user-friendly Verify Platform gives you relevant data and insights right at your fingertips. Our customizable, easy-to-read reports will create a smarter supply chain that supports your regulatory and business needs. And our automated implementation tools and time-tested project management framework ensures rapid and efficient customer deployments.

With deep roots in pharma, we provide complete transparency into near and long-term costs, so you can confidently deploy serialization solutions that allow you to comply with global regulations, extract actionable insights, and drive informed business decisions.

World Courier

Website: http://www.worldcourier.com/

Trust. It’s why more leading pharmaceutical companies rely on World Courier than any other specialty logistics company in the world. Companies trust us to transport and store their time-and temperature-sensitive products because they value the peace of mind that comes with our unsurpassed knowledge, global reach and flawless supply chain execution. Each trusted partnership we form with a customer is deeply rooted in our shared vision of improving global health, and it starts with gaining a holistic understanding of their strategic business objectives. With this knowledge in hand,we design and execute world-class logistics processes that mitigate risk,maximize the return on R&D investments and advance medicine. No other specialty logistics company has the experienced personnel, global offices and in-market expertise required to ensure the optimal handling, transport and delivery of vital healthcare products. Contact: marketing@worldcourier.com

XPO Logistics

Website: www.xpologistics.com

XPO Logistics is a top ten global provider of cutting-edge supply chain solutions to the most successful companies in the world. Our solutions are developed by applying knowledge gained across 40 years’ experience; providing warehousing, retail and e-Commerce fulfilment solutions for industry leading retailers. XPO Logistics is the leading outsourced provider of e-Commerce fulfilment logistics in Europe. XPO has a highly integrated network of over 88,000 employees and 1,440 locations in 34 countries.

Yusen Logistics

Website: http://www.yusen-logistics.com/

Yusen Logistics offers global expertise in the specialist requirements of the healthcare supply chain. Operating global control towers in Europe, Asia and the Americas, we offer multi-modal solutions for API through to finished products, including healthcare equipment. In Europe our dedicated, GDP compliant, temperature controlled network “The Superhighway” handles over one million pallets of pharmaceuticals pa. We also work with clients to develop solutions for air shipments, eliminating costly temperature excursions in airfreight by working with key airlines on optimising routing and/or providing active or passive validated packaging. Our key European air hubs, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, offer temperature controlled facilities. With the industry trend to move from air to sea, our pharmaceutical road network links to our GDP-licensed site in Antwerp, which acts as an import/export consolidation hub, providing dedicated and shared-user LCL reefer container solutions globally. Africa and Asia are key origin/destination regions being development. Healthcare is a key global development sector for Yusen Logistics and we have dedicated teams in Europe, India, Japan, Singapore and the USA, developing solutions worldwide