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Media Partners

Media Partners

European Biopharmaceutical Review (EBR)

Website: www.samedanltd.com/magazine/12

European Biopharmaceutical Review (EBR) is a magazine dedicated to the biopharmaceutical and biotech industries. Each quarterly edition features articles from key opinion leaders on research, drug discovery and development, biomanufacturing, outsourcing and more on the science and business of the sectors. EBR also features insightful interviews, reviews and event information to form a strong B2B platform. Read EBR in print, online, or via the Samedan app.

Genève Aéroport

Website: http://www.gva.ch/

Home to numerous international organizations, multinationals, sports federations, luxury product manufacturers and private banks, the Geneva region is one of Europe’s most dynamic.

With 15,8 million passengers in 2015, including a high percentage of business travellers, Genève Aéroport occupies a special place in the European air transport sector. It has an extensive network of 142 direct destinations, 23 of which are intercontinental. It is especially popular when temperatures drop, when it welcomes countless tourists visiting the region for the winter sports.

GIRP (European Healthcare Distribution Association)

Website: http://www.girp.eu/

GIRP (European Healthcare Distribution Association) represents the national associations of over 750 pharmaceutical full-line wholesalers serving 32 EU countries and includes the major pan-European pharmaceutical full-line wholesaling companies. GIRP members engage 140,000 employees and serve over 170,000 pharmacies and other healthcare professionals dispensing medicines to the public as well as hospitals in several countries.

More concretely, GIRP represents at European level the companies which provide the backbone to the uninterrupted supply of medicines and healthcare supplies to where and when they are needed. Largely, in an unknown way, they are the “Vital Link in Healthcare” upon which patients can rely on.

Global Sourcing & Supply Chain Professionals Worldwide

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4266483

People in your position will typically utilize the group "Global Sourcing & Supply Chain Professionals Worldwide" to do the following: 

1.) Share relevant information and become educated on the global trade arena.
2.) Expand your professional Linkedin network with like minded professionals. 
3.) Establish business relationships & contacts.
4.) Discuss/debate contemporary issues & high level market trends.
5.) Simply share any professional experience that you've had that you feel would be beneficial for your piers/colleagues to know about.


Website: www.ihpuk.org

Founded in 2004, we are Europe's largest facilitator of product donations between healthcare companies and aid agencies. Our mission is to serve those in need by providing donated medicines and facilitating training in the skills necessary to distribute these responsibly.
The medical donations we facilitate are used for:
  • Disaster Response
  • Global Health Programmes
  • Supporting medics overseas

Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology (IPT)

Website: www.iptonline.com

Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology (IPT) is a digital title offering in-depth comment and analysis written by experts from within the field. IPT covers the latest developments in drug discovery, laboratory technology, formulation, delivery systems, and other industry insights and innovations. The magazine also presents sector-specific events, company and individual profiles, and reviews. IPT is a platform for those involved in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to share their ideas with other key industry figures.

International Pharmaceutical Industry

Website: http://ipimediaworld.com/

IPI looks into the best practice guidelines in outsourcing management for the Pharmaceutical & Bio pharmaceutical Industry Globally.

Peer Reviewed by our esteemed editorial panel, IPI focuses on Research & Development, Drug Discovery & Delivery, Technology, Manufacturing, Packaging, Supply Chain Management, which will made the industry more efficient, bring products to market faster, and make healthcare accessible to all.

Pharma Business

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/70402

Discuss here your Pharma Import-Export, Regulatory, NDA, ANDA, IND, Marketing Experience. Pharma Jobs. Share, pharma business related knowledge.

Pharma Jobs

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/886117

Discuss here your Pharma Jobs. Pharma Import-Export, Regulatory, NDA, ANDA, IND, Marketing Experience. Share, pharma business related knowledge.

Pharmaceutical Distributors

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/2205021

This group is for personals involved in distribution, import and export of pharmaceutical products (Medicines, Equipments, Diagnostics, Vaccines.....) and should be a portal to discuss business networking in this field.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative - PSCI

Website: https://pscinitiative.org/home

The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI) is a group of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies who share a vision of better, social, environmental and economic outcomes in the communities where they buy. They believe that collectively PSCI members can share knowledge and expertise, across our industry, to drive complex, global change more effectively than any one organization alone. They have joined forces to promote responsible supply chain management and better business conditions across the industry.

Pharmaceutical Technology Focus

Website: http://www.nridigital.com/pharma-technology-focus.html

Pharma Technology Focus Magazine is a dynamic bi-monthly online publication available on iPad and online, offering in-depth coverage of the most important issues and the latest developments in the pharmaceutical industry, in an innovative digital format. It is a highly regarded publication demonstrated by reaching the finals at the acclaimed Digital Magazine Awards in 2011.

Brought to you by an experienced editorial and design team, Pharma Technology Focus is the essential magazine for decision-makers wanting up-to-date pharmaceutical industry news and analysis, with articles and features covering technology, discovery and development, packaging and labelling, supply chains, manufacturing and ingredients, trials and successes and much more.


Website: http://pharmaphorum.com/

The world of healthcare is changing rapidly and the pharma industry must adapt to ensure it can continue to play a valuable role in helping patients. We believe that change is driven by the wisdom of many, through the exchange of ideas that can drive positive change. For this reason, pharmaphorum media was launched with the mission being to help all healthcare stakeholders communicate, connect and collaborate in order to drive medical innovation and deliver better outcomes for patients, with the pharmaceutical industry being at the core of this.


Website: http://www.pharmavoice.com/

PharmaVOICE.com is a Website for life-sciences executives and other healthcare-service related professionals.PharmaVOICE.com is produced by PharmaLinx LLC, publishers of PharmaVOICE magazine.

The primary audience is made up of executive and corporate management from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, drug delivery, marketing communications, clinical services, contract research, drug development, and information technology companies, as well as other industry sectors. Additionally, PharmaVOICE.com has readers from around the world.

Securing Industry

Website: www.securingindustry.com

SecuringIndustry.com is a free-to-access information service that covers the issues surrounding supply chain and brand security. Our aim is to provide practical advice and intelligence to help manufacturers define and pursue their own strategies for tackling crime including counterfeiting, product diversion, adulteration and theft. We cover key developments in:

  • coding and track-and-trace technologies; 
  • the evolution of data standards; 
  • overt, covert and forensic authentication systems;
  • cargo thefts and shipment security; 
  • developments in the global regulatory environment; 
  • enforcement actions and case studies; and much more
The site incorporates breaking news and features, researched and written by specialist industry journalists and guest writers, as well as a regularly updated feed of external editorial from the world's press, a comprehensive and intuitive directory of security-related goods, technologies and services, plus the latest market research and events in supply chain security across multiple industrial sectors. 

Supply Chain Digital

Website: http://www.supplychaindigital.com/

Supply Chain Digital is an innovative digital publication aimed at bringing business executives up-to-date with the latest news, information and trends from across the supply chain industry.

Our digital platform includes an interactive website and magazine experience that will bring you inside the world of supply chains including comprehensive insight and analysis about the sector.

World Pharmaceutical Frontiers

Website: www.worldpharmaceuticals.net.

World Pharmaceutical Frontiers is the leading source for industry news and commentary aimed at those in the pharmaceutical sector; from the lab and manufacturing plant floor to the boardroom. The subscription package includes access to the complete online archive of previous issues. The journal is a leading resource for pharma worldwide, offering timely industry insight from some of the sector¹s most well-known experts.
We offer vital business intelligence, with up-to-date news on the mergers and acquisition activity within the sector every six months. World Pharmaceutical Frontiers provides the knowledge you need and some of the latest thinking from across the sector in drug discovery, drug delivery, manufacturing and contract manufacturing, raw materials, supply chain and logistics, and packaging.

To find out more visit: www.worldpharmaceuticals.net.
To subscribe contact cs@progressiveintelligence.com or phone +44 (0)845 155 1845.