Logipharma 2018

April 10-April 12, 2018

Montreux Music & Convention Centre, Switzerland

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PHOENIX group: Your strategic partner in Europe

PHOENIX group is a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler and retailer in Europe, ensuring that medicines always get to the right place at the right time in 26 countries. PHOENIX group´s vision is to be the best integrated healthcare provider – wherever we are.

With PHOENIX All-in-One, PHOENIX provides ready-to-use and tailor-made services for pharmaceutical companies along the entire value chain, generating more revenue at multiple stages. All-in-One cuts complexity and allows industry partners to concentrate on their core business.  Our key offerings are ready-to-use and tailor-made sales and marketing support at more than 14,000 pharmacies in 26 countries across Europe (Partnerships), insights on pharmacists, doctors and patients behaviour creating improved patient adherence and better decision making (Business Intelligence), decreased cost through expert warehousing and healthcare logistics, valuable support and comparator sourcing for clinical trials and customised specialty solutions like procurement consultancy.

Contact Info:

Website: http://www.phoenix-all-in-one.eu