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April 10-April 12, 2018

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In October 2012, CSafe and AcuTemp merged to become the world’s largest producer of actively controlled mobile refrigeration units for life sciences, healthcare, military and international disaster relief agencies.  The company is now called CSafe and includes the AcuTemp brand passive packaging and hand held mobile carriers and the CSafe brand of active containers.  

The RKN utilizes heating and compressor-driven cooling technology to eliminate the cost and the environmental challenges associated with dry ice transportation, refrigerated trucking and internal packaging and to allow the flexibility of uninterrupted routing of shipments without the need for special staging or dry ice handling. 

CSafe is now proud to introduce a series of AcuTemp brand Courier hand-held mobile carriers in popular payload sizes, durations and temperature profiles.  Stop by and see our latest active system as well, the CSafe SVS.

Contact Info:

Website: http://www.CSafeGlobal.com