Logipharma 2018

April 10-April 12, 2018

Montreux Music & Convention Centre, Switzerland

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Controlant is an Icelandic company specializing in temperature monitoring and asset tracking for the pharmaceutical and food industry. Started in 2009 at the University of Iceland, it has continued to grow year on year and won awards for its innovations. What Controlant has done is take the problems faced by Stationary monitoring and Supply chain monitoring and have created one easy-to-use cloud based solution that will meet the needs of both. It has done this by creating their own Hardware, Database and Interface on the product side and then using these products to offer a complete customizable package on the service side. Controlant is currently operating in 10 countries with 150 Customers using its solutions at over 1000 Client locations. Controlant has already been working with some of the most influential players in the pharmaceutical industry and its development has always been customer led. Focusing on feedback from clients and prospective clients concerning what they require of temperature monitoring solutions in the coming years. This year Controlant is rolling out its expansion plans and has been signing agreements with resellers all over the world, this has allowed it to look at ever larger contracts and ensure that Controlant service levels remain at the highest possible levels.

Contact Info:

Website: https://controlant.com