Logipharma 2018

April 10-April 12, 2018

Montreux Music & Convention Centre, Switzerland

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Alloga is a leading provider of contract logistics in the healthcare sector, offering a complete range of specialist logistics services across many countries. The network is active in more than 20 countries and is focused on the healthcare sector which makes it a safe, long-term partner for brand owners. The service includes warehousing and distribution, multi-country contract management, secondary packaging and labelling, distribution of promotional material, clinical trial logistics and much more… Alloga is a member of Walgreens, Boots Alliance, the first global pharmacy-led, health and well being enterprise offering a wide range of products and services to its customers. The capabilities Alloga offers an in-depth knowledge of the healthcaremarket and the expertise to handle specialised products. It also advises on the latest market developments and regulatory requirements for any country where Alloga is present, to complement the brand owners marketing strategy. There is reassurance that products arrive safely with the customer, which includes wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies, healthcare professionals and patients. Using local and regional warehouses, local peopleand considerable local market knowledge, Alloga works in partnership with brandowners to build efficient and reliable logistics solutions – whether in just one country or across many. The brand owners are in safe hands and can relax with Alloga. They can concentrate on growing their business and resourcing the things that they are an expert in - R&D, production and marketing of products, whilst Alloga can secure distribution channels and information flow. Brand owners will also have the reassurance that their supply chain activities are outsourced to a specialist that cares just as much about their products as they do. Products are safe and secure with Alloga.

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