Logipharma 2018

April 10-April 12, 2018

Montreux Music & Convention Centre, Switzerland

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EyeOn is a specialized consultancy firm that improves the bottom-line results of customers by improving their forecasting and planning capabilities. We design and implement in maximum 100 days (tailor-made) solutions that really work, offer interim forecasting and planning staff and run outsourced planning services. To remain innovative EyeOn is continuously involved in various research projects in close cooperation with Tilburg University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Eindhoven University and JADS. In today’s fast-changing world, companies need to react quickly to the dynamics of their industry and markets. Helping them to keep pace with changes at the heart of the processes that drive their business is EyeOn. Armed with a wealth of expertise and experience, EyeOn supports and guides customers through the changes essential to remain at the top of their game and achieve business success. Having the forecast performed by a company that does nothing but producing forecasts for other companies can obtain economies of scale and therefore lower costs. An expert using advanced statistical modeling techniques and using state of the art tooling will create the forecast. A third-party service provider will be challenged to continuously improve performance in terms of accuracy and performance.

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Website: http://www.eyeon.nl/